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Markhor M8 Carbon 750 Black

Premium, Carbon Mountain E-bike


In Stock
28 MPH/45 KMPH top speed, 93 Mile/150 KM range, 26" puncture-resistant fat tires, 8 speed Shimano transmission, 750W Bafang motor, GPS tracker, theft alarm.

Hoodax HB07 - Double Drive SuperScooter Black

The Little Off-road Monster


In Stock
43~50 MPH top speed, 62 miles range, 11" fat tires, 2 x 2800W motors

Slinker Lindie Mini White

Foldable, affordable e-bike


In Stock
16 MPH/25 KMPH top speed, 30 Mile/48 KM range, 16" puncture-resistant tires, 4 speed Shimano transmission, 350W motor

Freego E10 Pro Black

Powerful Electric Scooter for City Commute


In Stock
21 MPH top speed, 18~25 miles range, 10" tires, 500W motor.

Freego ES10 - Double Drive SuperScooter Black

For Your Off-road Adventures


In Stock
Double Driver, 30 MPH top speed, 30 mile range, 10" fat tires, 2 x 1000W motors.

Fiido D11 Sea Green

Fiido D11 Folding Electric Commuter Bike


In Stock
15 MPH Speed, 50-62 Mile Range, 20" Tire, 250W Motor

Markhor M4 White

All Terrain Bike


In Stock
20 MPH top speed, 50 miles assisted range, 30 miles electric range, 26" x 4" puncture-resistant fat tires with reflectors, 7 speed Shimano transmission, 750W motor.

ADO A16+ Black

Super Affordable, Folding City E-bike


In Stock
15 MPH/25 KMPH top speed, 43 Mile/70 KM assisted range, 16" puncture-resistant tires, 7 speed Shimano transmission, 250W motor.
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Our Story

Imagine the magnificence and the glory of Markhor. This mountain goat ever eager to conquer the roughest of terrains and hardest of challenges, imagine an animal so tough to climb the steepest heights without fear and so little effort.

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