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Carbon Steel


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1 Year Warranty
About Elixs Swift Black
Carbon Steel

Advanced Electric Power: This electric bike boasts a state-of-the-art electric power system, featuring a high-capacity lithium-ion battery and a powerful motor. This advanced power setup ensures long-lasting rides and dependable performance.

Multiple Riding Modes: The bike offers a range of riding modes, allowing riders to choose between pedal-assist, throttle-only, or a combination of both. This versatility accommodates various riding styles and preferences.

Eco-Friendly Commute: With zero emissions and a minimal carbon footprint, this electric bike is an environmentally responsible choice for commuting. It enables riders to enjoy a green and sustainable mode of transportation.

Innovative Design: This electric bike stands out with its innovative and appealing design. It incorporates sleek features, such as integrated battery placement, hidden cabling, and customizable aesthetics, delivering a modern and stylish look.


Warranty Information

1-Year Warranty for Motor:
The motor of this electric bike comes with a robust 1-year warranty. This warranty ensures that the motor is free from defects in materials and workmanship for a full year from the date of purchase. If any issues arise within this period due to manufacturing defects or faults, the manufacturer will repair or replace the motor at no additional cost to the customer. This warranty provides peace of mind, ensuring that the motor, a critical component of the bike, operates reliably.

6-Month Warranty for Battery:
The battery of this electric bike is covered by a 6-month warranty. This warranty guarantees that the battery is free from manufacturing defects and will function as intended for six months from the purchase date. In the event of any issues related to the battery's performance or quality during this timeframe, the manufacturer will provide necessary repairs or a replacement, ensuring that the bike's power source remains dependable.

3-Month Warranty for Controller:
The controller, a key component responsible for managing the bike's electric system, is backed by a 3-month warranty. This warranty covers any defects in the controller's materials or workmanship for a period of three months from the date of purchase. Should any problems arise during this time, the manufacturer will address them promptly, either by repairing the controller or providing a replacement, ensuring that the bike's electrical systems function smoothly.

3-Month Warranty for Charger:
The charger supplied with this electric bike is supported by a 3-month warranty. This warranty assures customers that the charger will perform reliably and free from defects for a period of three months from the purchase date. If any issues or malfunctions with the charger occur within this timeframe, the manufacturer will take the necessary steps to repair or replace it, allowing riders to keep their bike powered up without interruptions.

Product Highlights Mountain Bike
Top Speed in Miles 18 MPH
Top Speed in KM 30 KMPH
Maximum Assisted Range in Miles 38 Miles
Maximum Assisted Range in KM 60 KM
Maximum Electric Range in Miles 25 Miles
Maximum Electric Range in KM 40 KM
Climbing Ability 22.5 degrees
Tires KENDA 26"x2" Puncture Resistant
Transmission 7 Speed, Shimano
Motor 36v 350W, Rear Motor
Battery 36 V, 12 Ah
Charging Time 3 Hours
Cycling Modes Assist mode, Fully Electric mode, Cycling mode
Lights Front Led Light
Frame Carbon Steel
Shock Absorption Front Hydraulic Suspension
Brakes Front and rear disc brakes
Display LCD Display
Load Capacity in LBs 330 LBs
Load Capacity in KGs 150 KG
Weight in LBs 70 LBS
Weight in KGs 32 KG
GPS Tracker Yes, GPS Tracker
Waterproof IPX5
What's Included 1xBattery, 1X charger, 2xmotor
Plug Type US standard 2.0 Smart charger


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Elixs Swift

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