Markhor products and other brands sold on our website come with comprehensive warranties.

    All warranties are covered by their respective sellers.

    Every product has a different warranty cover and is mentioned against each product.

    Most of the times, following parts are covered.

    The battery, the motor, the charger, the meter and the controller.
    The crank and chain wheel, front fork/axle and chain.
    The brake lever, throttle and sensor.
    The lighting, pedals, tires and handlebars.

    If a customer encounters a problem with a product, the seller will take responsibility for resolving the issue as quickly as possible. They will work directly with the customer to diagnose the problem and find a solution that satisfies everyone involved. This direct line of communication between the manufacturer/supplier and the customer helps to ensure a speedy resolution and minimize any inconvenience.

    Note: Warranty does not apply to rider-incurred damages or normal wear and tear.


    E-bikes have a lot in common with any other bikes. 

    If you are experiencing an electrical problem, your best bet is to go to a bike shop that has experience with e-bikes. 

    If you are having issues with common bike parts, like the derailleur or disc brakes that need to be adjusted, or if you simply need a tune-up, then any reputable bike shop can provide this service.

    We also carry useful videos that can help you fix most of the issues.


    *We are always working on improvement of our products and services, so data on this website is subject to change without notice

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